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I came into Serving Life searching for other ways than medications to improve my health and reduce the frequency of seizures. My mom actually found Serving Life and brought me in. Since starting my chiropractic care plan, I have not had any seizures in over 9 months and sleeping better. Chiropractic care is a fantastic alternative to medicine and healthy way to improve overall quality of life. 


Seizure-Free | Better Sleep

I wanted to take control of my health without depending on medication. I have significantly less digestive problems! I have suffered from a multitude of issues my entire life and noticed a difference in only 5 weeks of receiving chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments are changing my life for the better and I can't wait to see where my health is by the end of my care plan. I definitely became a believer that chiropractic works! 


Better Digestion | Health

Since starting my chiropractic care plan my life has been impacted by helping my body change so that I could finish my training and run my race without any pain or injury. After I took a short break from running and started seeing Dr. Amanda and Dr. Denisa my lower back pain has become non-existent. I also noticed my neck pain diminishing. I am now grateful I had this injury because it led me to Serving Life which completely changed the way I view the body and how I need to take care of myself. I finished my race without any pain or injury!  


Performance | Training

I was brought into Serving Life to see the natural and health-focused way of life that Chiropractic offers and promotes. Since starting care I have been able to work out again with no low back pain. I also have more energy and my allergies do not bother me as much anymore. It is wonderful knowing that my nervous system is functioning at a higher level and that I am being proactive with my health. 


More Energy | Active Lifestyle

I was drawn to Serving Life Chiropropratic because I was looking for alternative care for me and my grown children and grand babies. Chiropractic has impacted my life by helping me feel better and have more energy. Serving Life is a wonderful practice and the doctors are knowledgeable and keeping your nervous system open and working properly is so very important! 


Family | More Energy

I first met Dr. Denisa at Stroller Strides and became curious about her practice and consistent chiropractic care. After having my first child, I wanted to continue running and working out hard and I realized it was important to balance care with exercise and demands of my new life. I now have a healthy awareness of how my body is responding to new challenges and demands. I have a sense of freedom and release after having consistent chiropractic care. It is almost indescribable! It is worth the investment. It requires little time;  intentional attention is given at Serving Life and provides so much balance. 


Balance | Active Lifestyle

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