Love What You Eat! Healthy & Efficient!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

If you are anything like me, and you don’t plan out your meals before Monday arrives there is NO WAY you will stick to the healthy diet everyone strives to maintain!

For me personally, I am a single, on-the-go girl and have about an hour commute each way to and from the office! So pre-planning for the week is KEY for me! By doing so, I am more likely to stay on track eat HEALTHY!

Monday- Thursday are fast and furious so by being overly prepared and making smoothies ahead of time along with prepping snacks that I can grab and go it takes out the thought process and inconvenience of being healthy. Having a plan makes it easy and the most efficient choice when I am on the go just like many of you!

Here is how to make it happen!

Step 1- Come up with a plan! If you don’t want to create your own plan, purchase the "10- Day Green Smoothie Cleanse" by JJ Smith and follow her step by step instructions. I love it!

Step 2- Go to Costco or Sams and buy in bulk the supplies you will need for you and your family during the week. Doing this reduces your chance of eating out and saves you time from stopping at the store every night after work.

Step 3- Prepare for your week and plan accordingly! (take a look at Dr. Denisa's planning video or read her blog post here)

As you will see in my Facebook live video, I pre-measure all my frozen fruits out a week in advance: cut up apples, prepackage snacks and then, the night before, I put all the spinach and fresh fruit in need into the blender and place my entire blender into the fridge so in the morning all I have to do is blend! Takes me about a total of 5 minutes in the morning to have all 3 meals ready for the day AND even wash out my blender!

Step 4- Stick to it and experience how great you will feel!

When I eat things that are ‘convenient’ during a busy day (aka Bubbas, JDs Chippery, Crème de la Cookie, Banditios .. (you know all the amazing places in Snider) I am not getting the nutritional value that I need to function at my optimal level and I usually ‘crash’ after lunch. Sticking to this plan helps me be the best me!

Whether you are a green smoothie lover or want to pre-plan salads for your entire week the key is to BE PREPARED & be the best version of you by making healthy choices!

Thanks for Powering Up with me!

Sydney Baldwin

Office Manager Extraordinaire at Serving Life Chiropractic

#health #cleanse #nutrition

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