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Let’s talk supplements! Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE my supplements! I made some changes to my normal routine when my husband and I decided we were going to start trying for Baby #2 late last year.

As soon as you decide that you MIGHT want to try to get pregnant I recommend starting to take prenatal supplements! Help your body prepare for baby; huge developmental milestones start before you get that positive pregnancy test so already having them as part of your daily routine will help those early weeks of life for you and baby.

I just posted a Facebook LIVE on this very topic!

I take and highly recommend the Metagenics Prenatal Packet, I love it because it come with 6 essential pills all in one little packet which makes it easy to take and simple to keep track of, one stop shop!

The packet consists of:

  1. Bone Density Support – Calcium & Magnesium – this is to support bone health, support muscle relaxation& help with sleep (2 white capsules)

  2. Fetal Brain Development Support – Choline (1 brown capsule)

  3. Fetal Development, Heart Health, Mood & Overall Health Support – Omega 3 fatty acid/DHA (2 yellow capsules)

  4. Prenatal Multivitamin Support (2 green capsules)

In addition to the packet I take my regular Probiotic, I add in Methyl Folate (NOT Folic Acid). The reason I love Methyl Folate over Folic acid is because Folic Acid is a synthetic man-made compound whereas methyl folate is a natural active form that is used in the human body!

Once we found out we were expecting I simply added a few new supplements in! I already take Vitamin D3 daily so I was able to just up my dosage with a few extra drops to 1000IU of liquid Vitamin D3. The other new supplement I added in was two Alfalfa capsules which help reduce swelling, maintain regularity and boost Vitamin K which helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

I take all of these daily throughout the entirety of my pregnancy! At 37 weeks I start making changes to what I’m taking, adding things in & taking away 1 supplement. I stop taking the Omega 3 fatty acid/fish oil capsules from the Metagenics packet (save them for postpartum). I stop taking these (and eating fish of course) the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy because fish prohibits prostaglandin production, which is necessary for initiating labor. I add in 2 Red Raspberry capsules which prevent miscarriage, hemorrhage, decrease morning sickness, and reduce pain during labor by toning the muscles of the uterus! I also add in Evening Primrose to ripen the cervix and prepare momma for labor.

I know I just gave you so much information and A LOT of supplements but having these can really help set you and baby up for success throughout your pregnancy, labor and postpartum! Check out the rest of our posts this week as we continue to share the baby & momma love!

Thanks for Powering Up with me!

Dr. Meghan York

#pregnancy #prenatal #vitamins #supplements #support

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