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Approximately 40% of children are plagued by ear infections before they reach the age of five. FIVE!!!

Children go through an exponential amount of developmental milestones in the first five years of their life that directly define the trajectory of their health for years to come. Ear infections can cause children to be delayed or miss those milestones because their body finds it difficult to grow, adapt, heal and develop while being in survival mode (fight or flight) trying to overcome this obstacle.

I overheard a mother the other day at my daughter’s swim class discussing with a friend that her son was on his 6th dosage of antibiotics for his chronic ear infections. Ear infections are becoming increasingly common and popular but should not be mistaken as "normal"! Antibiotics are often prescribed for ear infections but in reality 70% of ear infections are caused by viruses, not bacteria, so the problem cannot be resolved with antibiotic usage. Not only do those antibiotics not resolve the issue of recurrent fluid retention (followed by infection) in the child’s ears but it causes the child’s immune system to be suppressed and digestive issues, like constipation, to occur.

The recommendations we always refer to in our office are simple:

  1. Get Checked! Chiropractic care not only encourages the retained fluid in the Eustachian tube to drain (avoiding the infection stage entirely) but naturally boosts your immune system!

  2. Eat a well balanced, healthy diet! Decrease dairy intake to help reduce mucus/fluid production when your child is teething (mucus increases significantly during this time) and in times their immune system is being challenged!

  3. Add in some supplements! Everyone, I mean EVERYONE should be on a probiotic! There are different options for all stages of life. Having daily supplements can provide that extra support your body craves.

If you missed our FREE Online Ear Infection Workshop this week, check it out HERE and listen to a MOM REPORT: Her son's transformation through chiropractic care. No tubes for this kiddo!


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Thanks for Powering UP with me!

Dr. Meghan York, CACCP

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