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Prenatal Chiropractic Testimonials

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I came to be a practice member at Serving Life Chiropractic as per my OBGYN’s suggestion and recommendation of her practice as a prenatal friendly practice for expecting mothers. I was relieved, impressed, and welcomed at the professional, family–friendly, and warm welcome at Serving Life. The care I received made the pregnancy and my subsequent one immensely better. They are very attune to what an expectant mother needs.



Better Deliveries | Prenatal Support

Serving Life’s spirit and expertise mean so much to me and my family. Without prenatal chiropractic care, my sciatic nerve pain would have gotten the best of me. The chiropractic care I received while pregnant made my dream of an unmedicated delivery possible. My boys love their adjustments as well!

Leigh Anne

Natural Delivery | Pelvic Alignment

I felt my care with Serving Life through my pregnancy made all the difference! It helped relieve a lot of discomfort in those last uncomfortable weeks and got my baby and body prepared and ready for labor. I was so appreciative of the support I received when I went past my due date!


Comfortable Pregnancy | Labor Support

I went into chiropractic care during my second pregnancy, admittedly a skeptic. This was a dearly wished–for VBAC attempt, though, and I was notwilling to take any chances at all. I’d read that good chiropractic care during pregnancy could help with comfort and positioning (my first born was breech), so I gave it a shot. The difference was huge! I slept better, had more energy, and my nearly 9 lb. baby found her way into perfect position– no problem. I got my natural birth, and absolutely will have regular chiropractic care during my next pregnancy.


VBAC | Baby Positioning

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