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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Denisa Weber

Captivated by the thriving power of the human body at an early age, Dr. Denisa was led to pursue the healing arts.  Her extensive background in competitive gymnastics and cheerleading made her appreciate the potential her body held to perform at a high level.  Gymnastics led to her first adjustment, and she realized the impact chiropractic made on her performance.


Her studies at Texas A&M University in exercise physiology gave her more insight and understanding into the inner workings of the human body. This further ignited her passion to awaken others to reconnect with their own innate ability to express pure HEALTH and POTENTIAL.


Dr, Denisa and her family live in the Park Cities area where her husband coaches football and baseball for Highland Park.  They welcomed their daughter in a beautiful waterbirth at home with the help of a midwife and doula.  Her birth was an empowering and bonding experience for their family and they have been forever changed because of it.


As a facilitator of healing, Dr, Denisa is honored to serve her community through her Dallas chiropractic office and inspire others to be led from withIN in health and in life.


Office Manager


Sydney Baldwin

Sydney is a native Nevadan that got to Texas as fast as she could 3 years ago and has been in love with Dallas ever since. She loves connecting with people and has worked with kids and families over the past 10 years as a teacher and nanny. Sydney loves watching the way that chiropractic care gives families hope and options for their health. 


Sydney was introduced to chiropractic by her best friend, Cecilia, 6 years ago. Cecilia is now attending Parker University to become a chiropractor herself. Having someone so close who is studying the fundamentals of chiropractic helps her communicate the importance of chiropractic adjustments to everyone around her. Sydney has seen the miracles chiropractic has provided for so many families, and herself included. As a part of the SLC team, she loves that she has the opportunity to educate others about the gift of chiropractic and encourage them to take the journey of finding their body’s maximum health.


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